Project V

In 2021, I put out a call for a project which I named "Project Vulnerability"

I have found that in our society there tends to be controversy around being vulnerable. Women, and men are rarely 'given permission to feel vulnerable. This project was put in place to give the applicants a safe space in order to feel like they have permission to be vulnerable.

To begin, I had each applicant fill out a google form with questions such as "what does being vulnerable feel like to you?", and "Are you scared to be vulnerable around people, why?". The responses were overwhelmingly relatable. Many applicants said that they were scared to be vulnerable around people because of stigmas, or the fear of judgment.

The second part of their participation was a complimentary boudoir session. For this session, I wanted to give these applicants permission to be physically vulnerable after them being emotionally vulnerable in their google forms. I also wanted these boudoir session to give the applicants a sense of empowerment surrounding vulnerability, showing them that it is okay to be physically vulnerable despite the controversy.

“what does being vulnerable mean to you?

Showing what goes on behind closed doors. Showing something that your unsure of and not everyone can see”