Just Us! Wolfville

A Wolfville landmark, and a student favorite, Just Us has been putting smiles on the faces of Wolfville for 20+ years. When you walk into their location, you will see busy workers servicing the students, and community members of Wolfville; brightly lit by a large window that opens to the street, surrounded by local artwork. I could be biased by saying that it is The Best Coffee Shop in Wolfville but in my defense, they have won their own fair share of awards, and nominations over the last few years. 

Just Us doesn't just hand out coffee, and give incredible customer service to the public, they also aim to fight against environmental, and social injustices of the bean trade, aiming for an alternative, environmental, and farmer-friendly way of sourcing their beans. Instead of getting unethically harvested beans from unknown large corporations, they opt for developing a close relationship with farmer co-ops who have similar values. This allows the customer to know exactly where their beans are coming from, and who is sourcing them. They even have a page on their website dedicated to their different co-op partners. Aside from their partner page, they also have a variety of resources to teach customers how to make the best coffee of their choice further demonstrating their helpful customer-orientated attitudes.

Behind the Photo

The Polaroid you see above is one of four. Three of those were underexposed because of how dark it was when I first tried to get this photo. Apparently sunset is too dark for my polaroid to handle. There was a week between the first shoot and the successful polaroid. Since the Acadia sign is such a prominent landmark of Wolfville, I decided that I needed to get a polaroid of it before graduating into the adult world. To get this specific shot I planned out what I wanted in the shot, the angle, and how exposed I wanted the photo. (Did you know you can change the exposure on a polaroid? Neither did I until this photo). Once I figured the details out, I had to wait for traffic to slow down during rush hour. This took a few minutes. Once I snapped the photo I shoved it in my pocket and walked back to my car to wait for it to develop. Luckily this photo was a success, and I got the memorabilia of Wolfville I was looking for.