Photo Adventures in a Snowstorm

Keeping in tune with the mini snowstorm today...

Last year, Acadia University had a union strike. Makes sense. Teachers deserve more pay and better treatment for what they do for the students, and I will fully support them until the end of time. During this time, I also happened to be a student, and with classes canceled, I didn't have homework to do; so the only work I could do (besides putting word out about the strike), was photography.

Now, we happened to have a harsh, snowy winter last year. Me, being me, I wanted to do what no one else was doing during this time and wander OUTSIDE, down a GIANT hill, into the SNOWSTORM to take photos. So I did just that, My walk down the hill was frigid and windy. I thought about turning back but I was determined (or too stubborn if we are being honest) My hands, and feet felt like they were going to fall off with every step but I pushed through. I tipped-toed around the ice that was marking the sidewalks so I didn't face plant with my camera gear. I definitely wouldn't have been as cautious if I wasn't holding my camera.

When I made it to town, I started taking as many photos as I could to show off how pretty Wolfville was during the storm. (And to brag a little that I survived the walk down). Wolfville was so quiet, it felt like an actual ghost town which made the photos even eerier. Only a select few were outside- many on their walk home from work, or unfortunately running some last-minute errands. Some were even losing their footage with how slippery the Nova Scotian slush was making the ground. Some of the stores were also still open- including Just Us where I popped in for a hot chocolate before my walk home after dark.

The first photo of the gallery below was actually shot from inside their store.