$300 LED lights

Last Saturday, I made the decision to order a set of Neewer LED lights from Amazon prime. I figured that since I am beginning to get into creative video work more, these would also be useful for multiple purposes. I wanted to see what the hype was in regards to lighting in photography in an affordable way.

My first impressions of the lights were positive. I quickly found out that two-day shipping really meant two-day shipping. They showed up Tuesday. I was already impressed. When they got here, they were what they said they were. Bright lights that I could change the color, and white balance of, neatly packaged in their canvas carrying bag. They also included battery slots on the back for someone who wanted to bring them on non-outlet adventures.

On Thursday I shot with them for the first time and they were everything I thought they would be.. at least for lights that were less than $300. I fell in love with them. They were bright, fluorescent, and easy to set up. I loved the vibrance of the color and exploring a different side to photography that I hadn't prior. Esme, the model who joined me on the test run also killed it: as shown above. Overall, I found they did what they said they would.

As good as they were, I did find a flaw or two with the lights...When I first took the stands out of the bag, I could automatically tell they were fairly cheaply made. The clamp that attaches to the LED panels is awkward to use and does not seem to screw on in a comfortable way. While using the lights, I also noticed one light was dimmer than the other. Perhaps the LEDs in it are a little burnt out. I don't think I'll take the light back as it's not a super big deal to me.

Overall, I do think these lights are good for photographers (and videographers) who don't feel the need to use expensive LEDs to get good results. For the price, these are pretty decent and exciting to work with, I'd recommend these to any artist on a budget.