"Working with Kaitlyn has given me the ability to feel truly confident being photographed, she has a way of putting people at ease whilst also bringing out their best. She has a special instinct for posing and is able to describe them without needing to place the person herself, which was super helpful because of the pandemic. All in all, an experience being photographed by Kaitlyn is unique and you will leave feeling magical."

Gabrielle Therrien

Welcome friend, I’m Kate

Meet the Artist

When I was young, I was fascinated with how stories could create a genuine connection with its viewer.

This love of storytelling encouraged me to take classes that cater to storytelling such as: Multimedia 12, Film&Video 12, Playwrighting, a full year course on Improvization, and my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance.

In my art I aspire to create a relatable, and genuine connection with my viewers, showing them a sense of realness that they may not see everyday.