Meet the Artist

Welcome friend, I’m Kate

I am a queer Actor, Playwright, and Photographer located in Nova Scotia.

My fascination for storytelling started at a young age, when I discovered how an emotional connection in movies, can trigger an emotion in its viewers, granting them a sense of emotional escape from their everyday life, and the struggles that come with it. As an artist, I aspire to do just that. Create a piece of art that triggers an emotional connection, giving my viewers a temporary escape from the grind that is life.

Photo taken by Gwen Prozenko

“Working with Kaitlyn has given me the ability to feel truly confident being photographed, she has a way of putting people at ease whilst also bringing out their best. She has a special instinct for posing and is able to describe them without needing to place the person herself, which was super helpful because of the pandemic. All in all, an experience being photographed by Kaitlyn is unique and you will leave feeling magical.”